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As leading UK wedding florists we get to see a huge selection of the finest venues across the South of England and the Country Houses of Somerset have long been a 'magnet' for many of our London brides. So what does Maunsel House offer that sets it apart from the rest?....In our view it is quite simply one of the best venues we've worked at for outdoor summer weddings. Both the outdoor ceremony setting and 'Al Fresco' dining experience are superb.


Many years ago when we first worked at Maunsel House the 'new' vineyard style seated pergola was 'interesting' and showed great potential. Years later this has matured into something quite exceptional. On a hot summer's night, fully decorated with our Wilde Bunch designs, the setting is reminiscent of the finest 'Al Fresco' restaurants of the Italian Lakes region or the South of France. Where else would you witness white Doves flying down the length of the tables as you dine. With the addition of our inspirational 'Natural /Rustic' designs and styling it really is a magical outdoor summer wedding venue.  


With such a wonderful space to design in, Maunsel House demands style, style and more style. Anything incongruous would ruin the ambience of the venue. As a team of top wedding designers all our emphasis at Maunsel is on 'Natural' designs that compliment the already wonderful setting. Here are some pictures from our latest outings at Maunsel House.

Some wedding venues fall into the trap of becoming a little corporate and therefore quite predictable and dull....Nothing could be further from the truth at Maunsel House. The house is owned by Sir Benjamin Slade one of the great British eccentrics...and proud of it.... His eccentric taste is stamped across every wall in the house right down to framed press cuttings of his legendary run in's with the authorities. This is a 'lived in' house and he is ever present making you feel like a guest in his own home....


Long may Sir Ben reign over Maunsel House making it one of the counties most unique wedding venues....To quote our very own tag line...'Expect the Unexpected'....why be ordinary when, with a little more effort, you can do something extraordinary and leave a lasting impression...


Give Claire a call or use our contact page to get in touch and let The Wilde Bunch spread a bit of 'Magic' across your Big Day...As Bristol wedding florists, Maunsel House is only a short hop down the M5 and a venue we know well.


The outdoor wedding above was featured on the National Wedding Blog 'Love My Dress' click the logo below to see more pictures of the stunning bride with floral crown & bouquet shots


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