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The Lost Orangery

Now, here's something a little different for our 'Recommended Venues' list. The Lost Orangery at Euridge Manor is a new venue to us and one that's only been open to weddings for a year or two. So, unlike the others on our list, it's not a venue we know an awful lot about. So why are we recommending it at this early stage you may ask? Well...


It's close to our Barn HQ just outside of Bristol...which is nice when we travel all over the South of England from Bristol to London...but more importantly.....


For us it was 'Love at first sight'while wandering around the stunning house and its gardens. More than that...As designers, it was truly inspirational. After 25yrs of Wedding & Event floristry it takes an exceptional venue to have this kind of impact on the team. Since our first wedding at The Lost Orangery we have been 'buzzing' with design ideas for our next visit. As top wedding florists this is exactly the kind of venue we want to design at. The opportunities to push our creativity to the 'max' are endless, both in the house and gardens...this is one venue that cries, innovation, creativity and style!!


The gardens were created by leading UK garden designers Julian & Isabel Bannerman and the house is owned by one half of the partnership that started the top UK Fashion company 'Jigsaw'. When you see the result it all makes perfect sense...Take a creative, driven man with an ambitious dream, bring in the top UK designers and...eventually, with lots of work, you create a magical 'Eden' in the Wiltshire countryside. Now our job is to stay in keeping with what is already's amazing...don't mess with it!! Then, for your Big Day create a space (maybe a marquee, or one of the dining areas) where our designs attempt to match, or dare I say, even challenge, what is already there. Let's work together, with your dreams of the 'Perfect wedding' and our creative talents, to create our very own 'secret' garden within this truly wonderful venue...that's exactly the 'Buzz' and challenge that drives us on after all these years and the reason The Lost Orangery went straight onto our list of venues we would recommend to any couple... Yes...It's a kind of 'selfish thing'....we know this is a venue where we can showcase our best work & designs....But...Hey!!...That's surely great for you as well...It's a win, win scenario!!


The Orangery


The Orangery is a far more informal, yet no less stunning, dining space. This room lends itself to a far greater variety of wedding themes from Boho / Natural Chic, where our natural wood root pieces would stand out as the base of a 'Natural' design, through to the traditional candlit Candelabra designs. As a middle ground the black iron candelabra we had made  especially for us, would look great and give the room a more relaxed Mediterranean feel. Indeed, 'misting' the iron candelabra with water, a week before your Big Day, we can create a light tarnished/ rusted effect, for that classic 'Shabby Chic / Boho' style of wedding where you still have the elegance of candlelight without the formality & tradition of the silver candelabra.

The Marquee Option


Should you choose the Marquee option...well...The Wilde Bunch are leaders in unique, contemporary marquee designs. We love nothing more than a challenging design...something that breaks the 'lines' and the sense of dining in a 'big white tent'....God forbid on your Big Day. Over head designs with elements cascading down onto the tables...our unique 'Twiggy' hedges and entrance archways to separate the elements of open space within the marquee...We can create whatever you desire from sophisticated 'Great Gatsby' dining to the magic of a wild 'Woodland Grotto'. The gardens of The Lost Orangery are so fabulous and unique it would be a sacralige to seat your guests in a plain white tent with a mundane pot of flowers on the tables. We want to match, or better, what they have already experienced in the magnificent gardens and that's our challenge on the day.


As an aside, if you are thinking of booking us and going down the Marquee line (Please...we can't wait to get back there!!) then speak to us about marquee companies. Some of our designs require a bit of planning and we need a marquee company prepared to provide high fixing points. It costs no extra but is essential for our designs. We have a good working relationship with Good Intents and know that, just like us, they are always ready to go that little bit extra to provide exactly what a couple desire. Until another company shows us they really care about what happens with the final designs within a marquee we will continue to recommend Bruce at Good he has always delivered both for us and our Brides!!


Here are some images of our latest designs, but we always work alongside you to create something totally original and unique on your Big Day....The Wilde Bunch simply love the whole 'Theatre' of a marquee design

The Ballroom at The Lost Orangery


Standing in The Ballroom we pictured it adorned with variations of our elegant tall vase designs or set up with silver candelabra for romantic candle lit dining. It's a room on a grand scale with unique interior decor that cries out for bold 'statement' centre-pieces. Anything 'timid' would be lost against the room's stunning cave like 'Grotto' backdrop, incorporating stalactites & stalagmites...Yes... the interiors of the Lost Orangery really are that unique...what's more you are actually dining on top of the indoor Victorian swimming pool...


Here are a few of our tall designs that would work in the space...though look around the site for loads of others

Now here are a few of our other designs that could be adaptated to work in The Orangery and also work alongside the magnificent gardens. From wild woodland designs on kiln dried roots to bring the gardens 'indoors'.... to Alice in Wonderland / Mad Hatters themes for lots of fun...or finally, designs that hint at 'al fresco' Mediterranean dining...The opportunities really are endless at this venue...

The Ceremony Area


The ceremony area down by the boating lake at The Lost Orangery is simply outstanding...It's one of the many features that set this venue in a different league to most.

The outdoor ceremomy area at The Lost Orangery-1

There are Koi Carp and white ducks and just look at the size of that 'Fire Pit' and picture the flames reflecting across the lake on a hot summer evening...This really is the setting for fairytale weddings. The adventurous bride can even be rowed across to her ceremony...In true Wilde Bunch style, our 'Head Designer', Claire had to have a go....Behave!!


As would be expected in such magnificent surroundings, The Lost Orangery is fairly exclusive and the minimum stay for any wedding is three days at the venue. Check out the Unique Home Stays site for availability and hire costs.


As you may now have realised, The Wilde Bunch can't wait to get back to The Lost Orangery as we are brimming with new design ideas that we want to try out here...This really is 'Our kind of Venue'


If you are considering booking the venue then contact us now, as we'd love to talk through your ideas and make your Big Day part of the wonderfully creative world of The Wilde Bunch...where dreams are made into reality....'Expect the Unexpected'...


We look forward to hearing from you,


Claire XX

Head Designer & 'The Boss'

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