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The Matara Centre

The Matara Centre is a very unique wedding venue. The Cloistered Courtyard, inspired by Chinese architecture, is one of the most beautiful ceremony settings in the West of England. The sense of tranquility is immediate as you enter within its walls. If ever a venue was designed to calm the nerves on your Big Day, this would be the 'blue-print'...Take a moment to watch those Koi Carp basking in the pool and...Relax...

As designers we love the main hall at The Matara Centre. It's a large space and essentially a 'blank canvas' just waiting for a sprinkling of Wilde Bunch magic. The high ceilings are not at all restrictive and therefore perfect for the innovative 'statement' designs that have paved our reputation as leading wedding florists. The natural lighting from the central domed roof creates 'magical' effects on late summer evenings when used in conjunction with tall designs. Subtle illumination within designs also works perfectly with the venues own 'back wall' lighting. Whatever table designs and style you choose these are all things we consider to create the design of your Dreams.

When you book The Wilde Bunch you get this eye for detail honed over 25 years of top level wedding styling. We are your florist and we are your 'Stylists'....our innovative designs alone, 'Style' the venue. This means no additional expense for 'Stylists' you may have thought necessary.

There's a saving straight let's focus that budget where it really counts...making the venue look amazing!!

Here are some images we took of our latest wedding design at The Matara Centre (pre-place setting in case you wondered where the knives & forks were!!) This shows how the illumination on this particular design works in conjunction with the venue lighting and a couple of shots showing the way the natural lighting 'back lights' the designs placed under the dome. We care about these little's our passion and what sets us apart in our field.


To see hundreds of alternative designs take a look at the other venues in the 'Venue Gallery' above as most designs work at The Matara Centre...then have a look at our 'Pinterest' boards where we add images on a weekly basis within days of installation. 'Follow us' on Pinterest to be kept up to date on our ever changing wedding designs.