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Wedding Styling 'The Wilde Bunch Way'

Psst!!...Come a little closer...'Here's a way to get the wedding of your dreams, 'Styled' by top designers and save yourself a load of expense on multiple suppliers'...Interested?....Yes, we thought you might be...Well Read On....


The Wilde Bunch are top UK wedding florists and a design team with a 25-year history of Wedding & Event Styling from 'Intimate family weddings' to Celebrity Weddings and major Corporate Events. We are the florists...We are the Stylist / Planners and we've got a Barn full of wedding props 'To Die For.'


'So, I've got all that covered', you might say...I've got a florist and I'm paying for a Wedding Stylist and I'm paying a Prop Hire company for my props....Well...'Yes you have'...but in the most expensive way possible, paying for three separate wedding suppliers...And...I'm afraid it has to be said, it often ends up with an un-coordinated 'Mish-Mash' of ideas from different suppliers that clash when put together on your Big Day.  An expensive 'Styling' disaster to be avoided at all costs!!


The solution lies below.....

The Wilde Bunch wedding styling props

So. let's try and save you a load of time and money and get the whole design under one, well coordinated roof with the Wedding Styling / Flower budget working where it really counts....Making the venue look amazing...Not wasting your precious budget on un-necessary suppliers. Here's how it works with The Wilde Bunch on board....


Claire (The Boss) and Head Designer sits down with every one of our Brides and bounces 'Styling' ideas back & forth...on the flowers, colour schemes, themes, table settings, room decor et al....And the cost of the consultation is...Nothing ...It's free and all part of The Wilde Bunch service to all our Brides. Once booked this expands to 'Pinterest' boards for individual Brides and Claire's slightly bizarre '24/7', 4am nocturnal replies to emails...And the cost of this extended 'Styling' service right up to the day of your wedding is, still...absolutely nothing. We've always 'Styled' weddings to make the venue and flowers look perfect on the day and we see no necessity to charge for this service after all these years!!


Now, every  wedding needs decorative props, whether it be containers for the flowers, lanterns, crate stacks, plinths, urns, milk churns or silver candelabra...whatever. So, come to our Barn and choose anything you really can be the proverbial 'Kid in a sweet shop'.  And here's the great thing...If we decorate it with flowers you pay for the floral design and the props are all included with no hire charge. We may ask you to pay for a few batteries for our LED candles & lights or the candles for your candelabra but the main props all come without a hire charge. So, there's your props sorted with no outsourced hire charges or hours spent on-line shopping for those extras.


So let's pause for a moment and have a browse round some of the huge choice of Wedding props we have at the Wilde Bunch Barn


Click on the images to see them in full size....        

The costs you may have thought necessary for additional wedding suppliers are an unnecessary expense if you choose The Wilde Bunch as your Florist and Wedding Stylist.


The best wedding venues have well drilled, experienced Event Teams who will place all your personal 'bits & bobs'on tables and around the're paying them to do it so make use of the service...they expect to do it. Meanwhile let The Wilde Bunch take care of the rest, styling the whole wedding or Event to the theme of your choice. You pay for the floral designs only. We are leading Wedding Florists and a top Wedding Styling Team with a long history of delighted Brides and we pride ourselves on the service we offer.

So you've had a sneaky peak at some of what we have available (the rest of the barn is littered with loads of unique one-offs and items too big for the shelves). If you like what you see and you want a well coordinated and uniquely 'Styled' wedding with no 'Styling' and prop hire charges then send us an email or have a chat with Claire today. Working  across the South of England from Bristol to London and up through The Cotswolds we are heavily booked and are currently taking bookings up to 2 years in advance so get in quick to reserve the date for your Big Day.


We are not a flower shop we are a highly motivated team of Wedding & Event Florists all trained by Claire (The Boss). We have all kinds of additional skills in Event Management, Graphic Design, Photography and Carpentry that can all come in useful in terms of design and flair.


Get to our Contact page  and make your wedding a part of our world.  We love flowers....we love design and styling and most of all we love making our weddings unique for every Bride. There is no Wilde Bunch catalogue....The seeds of ideas are already there in your's our job to bring them out, elaborate on them, make them wonderful and make them happen...'Beyond Your Wildest Dreams'....


The Wilde Bunch XX